Monday, March 21, 2011

Rat Trap

It is a maze, you are the rat, and if you reach the prize in the center, something special will happen.
(you scramble through the crude maze walls, and almost at once you reach the carrot laid out for you. You wonder if you will be able to go home soon, if you have won the game and can go back to sleep.The men in white coats reach in and soon there's darkness.)
Day two. You awake to a white light, hungry, half dazed. However, you are promised great things if you reach the center of the maze.
(You claw at the air but your senses sort themselves out and soon you are standing at the beginning of a new maze. It is the same maze as before, but something tells you there is something wrong and as you scramble around the same path you smell the danger in the air. You use your whiskers and the powerful intuition they hold to skirt around the concealed mouse trap. You reach the prize in the center, the carrot which you nibble on, but without much vigor. Will you see your family after this, will you see your children, you don't know where they are- blackness.)
Day Three. You awake again to the maze, but you are hungry so hungry and you don't know how much time has past. They promise nothing. They mean business, now.
(You smell cheese, strong, delicious cheese, and you madly scramble to where it is coming from, but you seem to be in luck: it is doubled, doubled, two pieces of cheese:
You reach the cheese, and next to the cheese is another piece but they are both on machines, big wooden metal machines. You don't know what they are but they smell like death, but mixed in with the cheese you can almost forget. You forget about your family as you move closer to the bigger cheese, and cautiously you sniff the air.
You hear the rats in the cages around the maze squeak, screaming for their families, and suddenly you know that in a separate room different men are doing the same things to your family. You know what has to be done, there is no hope. You are just a rat lost in a maze, and even if you outsmart them it will be like Pandora's box until you die, forever growing and growing with promise and betrayal and cruelty.
You back up, to get a running start, and throw yourself at the death-machine. You hear your bones crunch as you thrash wildly in pain, and the last thing you hear is a scream, a voice you barely recognize, from the beginning of the maze. You hear the voice scream "Daddy, daddy, where are you?" They told me you were here" before the white light consumes you and you know no more.)

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